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4,5 Sterne aus 41 Bewertungen
22 Jan 2022 um 13:31 One of my favorite restaurants in Berlin. Travels well.
18 Nov 2021 um 21:19 The food is great but it took the restaurant 2 hours to prepare my sandwich. It’s just not ok.
8 Sep 2021 um 14:12 Food was great and with fast delivery. My only issue is I made an order and the Lieferando app crashed at payment. It said if no email to order again. So I did and the order. In the end 2 came through. Be cautious with the app. Call first
28 Mai 2021 um 21:41 Überhaupt kein gutes pastrami leider. Chewy gristle ...
19 Okt 2020 um 19:39 verkohltes Toastbrot, schon das 2te mal. Schade!
17 Okt 2020 um 22:09 16€ sandwich which is even smaller than my super small hand..